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I created a web2py app that is extremely light, with the goal of eventually making the app support JSON-RPC calls, and maybe a few other things.

I found some tutorial online that (on winxp) had me get the source code for web2py and extract it on top of the compiled program. At the top level, I edited app.yaml with my program name and used the GAE SDK to upload the program. It looks like that uploaded everything including example applications. I think it's including a whole gluon directory, and other dir's full of py files. Is there a way to setup web2py to only upload my application, and what's minimally required to run it?

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The app.yaml that comes with web2py includes a section skip_files and it should contain, among others, this line:


You can change it to


So that welcome app is not deployed. You add more apps that you may have and do not want deployed.

At minimum you need:

  • web2py/gaehandler.py
  • web2py/gluon/* (and subfolders, this is web2py)
  • web2py/applications/theoneappyouwanttodeploy/* (and subfolders)
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Thanks for the tips. I also found I needed web2py/VERSION to get the page to work. One last thing, I did some experimentation and also found that without wsgihandler.py the page took several seconds to load. Is there a way to change a script so web2py doesn't hangup if wsgihandler.py is missing? –  Charles L. Jan 1 '11 at 19:31
odd. web2py on GAE does not use wsgihandler.py –  mdipierro Jan 2 '11 at 3:02
I did as explained above, but welcome app still seems to be deployed. When browsed from Google App Launcher it still shows Welcome app. From there I can even log in and run Admin app. URL is like the following: localhost:8080/admin/default/site. Why is it that? –  synergetic Aug 18 '11 at 9:36
Okay, I've noticed that when deployed locally in App Engine SDK, all web2py apps are accessible; however, when deployed to google production server app.yaml settings take effect. –  synergetic Aug 19 '11 at 0:03

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