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I'm having trouble getting Core Plot to work in my iPhone application. I followed these steps:

Five Steps to CorePlot

1. Copy the CorePlotSDK directory to ~/Library/SDKs/

2. Add to your project's .PCH file:

#import <CorePlot/CorePlot.h>

3. Open Project -> Edit Project Settings and for All Configurations:

 3a. Add to Additional SDKS: 


 3b. Add to Other Linker Flags:

-ObjC -all_load -lCorePlot 

4. Add the QuartzCore framework to the project.

5. Add a CPGraph to your application.

And I try to compile the application and I get the following error:

error: There is no SDK with specified name or path '/Users/myusername/Documents/afolder/afolder/TestGA/Library/SDKs/CorePlotSDK/iphonesimulator.sdk

I've checked that this file location actually does exist by navigating to it in the finder. So why does xcode think its not there? I'm really having a hard time getting google code to work.

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You probably got those instructions from the Core-Plot Wiki, but there is also a step 6. Did you follow it? If it still doesn't work, did you see that this is experimental and may not work? Then try the Static Library Install instructions.

Also, this is no Google project, it's simply hosted on Google Code. ;)

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