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I've run into a problem creating a visualizer for .mp3 files in Java. My goal is to create a visualization that runs in time with the .mp3 file being played.

I can currently visualize an .mp3 OR play it, but not both at the same time. I am using libraries which may make this trickier than necessary.

I currently:

  1. Read in the .mp3 as a FileInputStream.
  2. a) Convert the FileInputStream into a Bitstream and run the Visualizer OR b) Pass the FileInputStream to a library Play method where it converts it into a Bitstream, decodes it, and plays it.

I am using the JLayer library to play and decode the .mp3.

My question is: how do I synchronize the two actions so that I can run both at the same time AND they line up (so my visualizations correspond to the changing frequencies). This implies that they finish at the same time as well.

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I've never used the JLayer library. OTOH I have developed some visualizations for sound. One problem you might face is the sample size used for each part of the visual. There must be a choice as to whether the visual shown is for a sample as it is just beginning, just ending, or some time in between. This is far more noticeable as the sample size increases. – Andrew Thompson Jan 2 '11 at 1:25

I would try and set up each part in a thread and then synchronize the timing elements so they start at the same time.

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I am currently working on the same thing and I found the solution.

The problem: synchronized methods and attributes that doesn't allow paraell access.

The solution: Two threads in one thread group and synchronization over that thread group.

or* : Cached thread pool for runnables and synchronization over that cached pool. then your stream reader is one runnable and your visualisation is the second runnable.

Works just fine.

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