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This question was asked by another user, but didn't get an answer... so I am reposting. I'm using the jqTransform plugin, but would like it to skip 2 text inputs that I want to hide via CSS and use as non-instrusive spam checks. Hidden, people won't fill them out but bots will. That sort of thing. I can't disable them via jquery b/c I want the bots to fill them out. And my CSS rule doesn't work b/c the plugin spits out new elements that weren't in the DOM. Any ideas?

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Add the class jqTransformHidden to the element that you want the jqTransform plugin to skip.

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that is far more elegant. didn't know that existed. thanks! –  helgatheviking Mar 5 '11 at 10:39

Turns out.... the plugin preserves my table structure, when it creates its new one. So, I put a "noshow" class on the element that contains the inputs i want to hide.

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This worked for me:


Add the above class to any PARENT element that contains form elements. I noticed that the script looks for this value before performing any actions.

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