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My problem seems to be really simple but I just can't get the reason behind it:

  • I have a vertex and an index buffer that get filled in with glBufferSubData. There are a couple of meshes that get filled in one-by-one into this big VBO and its corresponding IBO
  • Then I try to render those small meshes with glDrawElements one-by-one

Problem is, only first mesh gets rendered - and multiple times - in places where each of those different meshes should be!!!

Following info may be useful:

I create VBO this way

gl.glGenBuffers(1, buffers_, 0);
gl.glBindBuffer(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, buffers_[0]);
gl.glBufferData(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, sizeInBytes, null, GL11.GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW);

Then each mesh is filled into the VBO like this

gl.glBindBuffer(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, name);
gl.glBufferSubData(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, startOffsetInBytes, numBytesToCopy, nioBuffer);

And meshes are rendered in this fasion

  • bind VBO/IBO and set appropriate client states
  • then set vertex, normal, and texcoord "pointers" - they point at the beginning of VBO plus their offsets in vertex "structure"
  • and call gl.glDrawElements(GL10.GL_TRIANGLES, indicesNum, GL10.GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, startIndexOffsetInBytes);
  • then finally, unbind VBO/IBO and disable client states

I debugged the code and I'm sure that sizeInBytes, startOffsetInBytes, numBytesToCopy and startIndexOffsetInBytes are correct values (in bytes:))) and indicesNum is the number of indices/vertices in the mesh (to render).

One suspicious place is setting vertex/normal/texcoord pointers - they get set only once - and set to the beginning of the VBO. Maybe I need to set them each time before calling glDrawElements?

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:D Found that reason. Everything I described is correct indeed. Problem is in the way meshes are being added into the VBO/IBO - indices for each new mesh were restarted from 0!! So only the first mesh in VBO was getting rendered.

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I had a similar problem, but my resolve was different, I had to make sure to add the offset in the VAOs with glVertexAttribPointer. Otherwise it would only render the first mesh added. Your answer gave me a hint at what it could be, so I thank you for that alone :) – dcousens Feb 13 '11 at 14:41

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