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I'm using the Doctrine DataBase Abstraction Layer (DBAL) to perform some queries. For some reason, when I quote a parameter before passing it to the query, I get back no rows. When I pass it unquoted, it works fine.

Here's the relevant snippet of code I'm using:

  public function get($game)
    $conn = doctrinehelper::getconnection();
    $statement = $conn->prepare('SELECT as id, as name, games.link_url, games.link_text, as service_name, image_url 
                                 FROM games, services 
                                 WHERE = ? 
                                 AND services.key = games.service_key');
    $quotedGame = $conn->quote($game);

    $logger = loghelper::getLogger();
    $logger->debug("Quoted Game: $quotedGame");
    $logger->debug("Unquoted Game: $game");

    $resultsArray = $statement->fetchAll();
    $logger->debug("Number of rows returned: " . count($resultsArray));  
    return $resultsArray;

Here's what the log shows:

01/01/11 17:00:13,269 [2112] DEBUG root - Quoted Game: 'Diablo II Lord of Destruction'
01/01/11 17:00:13,269 [2112] DEBUG root - Unquoted Game: Diablo II Lord of Destruction
01/01/11 17:00:13,270 [2112] DEBUG root - Number of rows returned: 0

If I change this line:


to this:


I get this in the log:

01/01/11 16:51:42,934 [2112] DEBUG root - Quoted Game: 'Diablo II Lord of Destruction'
01/01/11 16:51:42,935 [2112] DEBUG root - Unquoted Game: Diablo II Lord of Destruction
01/01/11 16:51:42,936 [2112] DEBUG root - Number of rows returned: 1

Have I fat-fingered something?

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with quoting you're just adding some characters, making the string not mach one in the database. isn't it obvious? – Your Common Sense Jan 1 '11 at 22:17
I guess I don't understand how this works. I've worked with Ibatis (a Java DB mapper) and it uses JDBC PreparedStatements to protect from SQL injection by default. The DBAL docs (…) seem to indicate that DBAL doesn't escape by default. If quoting input parameters adds characters that cause queries to fail, under what circumstances should I quote? – braveterry Jan 1 '11 at 22:41
as dr. said, there is no use for quoting at all, at least while you're using placeholders to put data into query. – Your Common Sense Jan 2 '11 at 13:44
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Actually, this is an architectural thing (IMO). Doctrine is based on PHP's PDO. PDO works with Prepared Statements so there is no need to quote, use mysql_real_escapestring or anything. The ORM has has as a base design goal in it's very core and with PDO, it does this fairly secure.

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I can't say it's VERY effective, thanks to calling database twice. – Your Common Sense Jan 2 '11 at 13:43
Fair enough, made a small edit ;) – DrColossos Jan 2 '11 at 14:11

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