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Does anybody know of a gem or plugin for Rails3 that allows for sending Private Messages between users of a site? I'm using Devise for my authentication.

I've stumbled upon simple-private-messages, which is one possibility, but that's about it (other plugins/gems that I found are very outdated). Does anybody know if any?


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There are a few out there, such as acts_as_messageable and has_messages.

If you really want to use a plugin, acts_as_messageable is great if it does what you want, but chances are it would better if you wrote one yourself - it sounds like you want quite a specific solution that probably doesn't have a plugin that would fit exactly in.

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Thanks, I ended up rolling out my own. Very simple and fun to do :) –  yuval Jan 2 '11 at 1:37
also, what an awesome 16 year old who knows rails! when I was your age (hehe 4 years ago) I only knew PHP. ugh. –  yuval Jan 2 '11 at 1:38

We are searching for a solution ourselves.. most promising and new is the mailboxer gem. Very active development, good documentation ..


if we decide to use it, i will come back to write more about it.

and more about it here as well: Anyone knows good private message gem for rails 3.2?

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