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I'm working on a little workout application and am running into an issue of displaying a view within another view.

I have a WorkoutSummaryView with a backing WorkoutSummaryViewModel. Within the workout summary view, I want to display the list of SingleExerciseView items. Each SingleExerciseView has a backing SingleExerciseViewModel which displays the name and exercise and an ObservableCollection<Set> ie Sets of exercises with a weight/reps pair.

Simplified Code:

public class ExerciseSummaryViewModel : ViewModelBase
    public ExerciseSummaryViewModel()
       _workout = DB.GetWorkout();

        foreach (Exercise ex in _workout.Exercises)
            ExerciseVMs.Add(new SingleExerciseViewModel(ex));

    public ObservableCollection<SingleExerciseViewModel> ExerciseVms { get; private set; }

 //Code for singleExerciseVM

public class SingleExerciseViewModel : ViewModelBase

    public SingleExerciseViewModel(Exercise exercise)
        Name = exercise.Name;
        Sets = exercise.Sets;                        

    public string Name { get; set; }

    public ObservableCollection<Set> Sets { get; set; }

My problem is I'm not sure how to go from here to get my SingleExerciseViewModels to display. I did try setting the dataContext for the SingleExerciseView in xaml to my SEVM, but that's still not working.

//XAML for ExerciseSummaryView
<ListBox Height="496" Width="412" ItemsSource="{Binding ExerciseVms}">
             <local:SingleExerciseView />
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Your problem is that you're aggregating the SingleExerciseViewModels into a collection - but they are not attached to their views! That isn't going to work.

Each SingleExerciseViewModel needs to be attached to a SingleExerciseView. Then, each one of those views needs to be bound to a control on the ExerciseSummaryView that will display them (a ListView for example, because it can show custom user controls).

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