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I have a simple app where users type in stuff in a text filed to get various results. I would like a feature where if a user enters something and then closes the browser tab, the next time they come, I can show them their previous/recent searches. This will persist even if they close the whole browser and open it again.

I believe this can be done by help of cookies. Are there some good rails3 gems for using cookies or any simple tutorial that could guide me in a direction?

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This is a great book to get you started with rails3. (I would recommend to read it from the beginning)

In the link above, listing 9.12 gives you a good explanation about cookies.

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Store the info in the session object:

session[:user_entry] = the_user_entry

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He asked for persistence, a session will not suffice in this case as it will be lost as soon as the browser is closed. – jenjenut233 Apr 29 '11 at 18:50

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