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There are many articles that described how to create a custom shaped window in WPF but none of them (at least I can't find any) described how can build a reusable one such as inheriting from it in other windows.

I have tried to create a ControlTemplate from my custom window. The problem is with the Close button and the MoveDrag() method.

If I wire the event to one of my other controls in ControlTemplate their Parent property is null, so I can not drag or close the window.

Does anyone have any ideas how can I create a reusable custom window template or something?

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I'm somewhat unclear on what you're asking for. Perhaps a minimal code sample would help – Scott Weinstein Jan 23 '09 at 2:37

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Unfortunately there is no such things as visual inheritance in WPF. (no xaml inheritance to be more specific)

For your specific issue, instead of inheriting, you could create a CustomForm as a template (with a big empty container in the middle), and then create all your other forms as usercontrols that fill that container.

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The following will return the window object containing the control:

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