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I am developing a c# GUI and was wondering if there were any (preferably free) runtime diagnostic programs available.

What Im looking for is a way to monitor user interactions with my GUI and what functions are called when. Preferably I do not want to add stacks of debug code as this has the potential to change the behaviour of the bug I am looking for.

Currently Im using Spy++ but am finding it a little heavy going as Im kinda new to this and its generating stacks of data.

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EQATEC profiler is pretty simple to use. Free too. Started life targetting Compact Framework but since 2.00 is now geared more towards Desktop too.

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From first impressions, this seems to be a nice compact profiler. They also produce a free Tracer program (eqatec.com/tools) that has already proved invaluable! Thanks for the pointer. –  TK. Jan 20 '09 at 8:47

I recommend ANTS profiler.

There is a trial available, first two weeks free.

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ya its a good tool –  cgreeno Jan 19 '09 at 14:31

In addition to ANTS profiler have a look at JetBrain's dotTrace

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