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According to the javadoc:

Replaces every subsequence of the input sequence that matches the pattern with the given replacement string.

This seems to indicate that this call will not replace, unless a match is made.

And yet:

public class MisMatch {
    public static void main(String args[]){
        Pattern doubleSlash = Pattern.compile("\\\\");
        String stringWithSingleSlash = "maybe\\no";
        String replace = doubleSlash.matcher(stringWithSingleSlash).replaceAll("ABC");

This prints:




  • so it is not matching, but still replacing. What am I missing here?
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matches on returns true if the whole string matches - it doesn't match substrings.

So if stringWithSingleSlash were just "\\" instead of "mabye\\no", matches would return true.

If the fact that doubleSlash matches a single backslash confuses you, the explanation is that "\\\\" is a string with two backslashes and the regex engine interprets two backslashes as one escaped backslash (because the backslash is an escape character in regexes as well as in string literals).

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The matches() function attempts to match the pattern against the entire string.
It seems like what you should use is to check if .find() returns true.

Take a look at the Matcher javadoc, here's an excerpt:

Once created, a matcher can be used to perform three different kinds of match operations:

  • The matches method attempts to match the entire input sequence against the pattern.

  • The lookingAt method attempts to match the input sequence, starting at the beginning, against the pattern.

  • The find method scans the input sequence looking for the next subsequence that matches the pattern.

Each of these methods returns a boolean indicating success or failure. More information about a successful match can be obtained by querying the state of the matcher.

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