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We have created a web app that sends messages. sending part is straight forward.. but when we receive the replies, how can I delegate the messages sent? How can I know which message is for the certain user? What I have in mind is to keep a hashmap that stores an object that the users can retrieve.. is this ok? Do I have to create a received message queue?

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I don't think you'll need a received message queue as most web containers should be multithreaded to handle multiple requests.

The central hashmap object is a good idea for managing different client connections, but you need to be sure to watch for Concurrency issues and thread safety issues. As long as you use a thread safe data structure, the application web container should be able to handle managing queuing up the requests so that you don't have to.

As a side note, it sounds like a Comet library may be helpful to you for server push and to make sure messages are pushed to the correct parties/client connections.

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The thing is we did not use any message oriented middleware. We created a queue and connected it to netty. We are using grails so I created a Service that stores the objects that sends the messages. Is this ok? –  user522163 Jan 4 '11 at 13:30

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