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I'm having a set of row data as follows

 List<String> l_lstRowData = new List<string> { "Data 1 32:01805043*0FFFFFFF", 
                                                "Data 3, 20.0e-3", 
                                                "Data 2, 1.0e-3 172:?:CRC" ,
                                                "Data 6"

and two List namely "KeyList" and "ValueList" like

 List<string> KeyList = new List<string>();
 List<string> ValueList = new List<string>();

I need to fill the two List<String> from the data from l_lstRowData using Pattern Matching

And here is my Pattern for this

 String l_strPattern = @"(?<KEY>(Data|data|DATA)\s[0-9]*[,]?[ ]?[0-9e.-]*)[ \t\r\n]*(?<Value>[0-9A-Za-z:?*!. \t\r\n\-]*)";
 Regex CompiledPattern=new Regex(l_strPattern,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace);

So finally the two Lists will contain


            { "Data 1" }
            { "Data 3, 20.0e-3" }
            { "Data 2, 1.0e-3" }
            { "Data 6" }


            { "32:01805043*0FFFFFFF" }
            { "" }
            { "172:?:CRC" }
            { "" }


The Group KEY in the Pattern Should match "The data followed by an integer value , and the if there exist a comma(,) then the next string i.e a double value

The Group Value in the Pattern should match string after the whitespace.In the first string it should match 32:01805043*0FFFFFFF but in the 3rd 172:?:CRC.

Here is my sample code

 for (int i = 0; i < l_lstRowData.Count; i++)
            MatchCollection M = CompiledPattern.Matches(l_lstRowData[i], 0);


But my Pattern is not working in this situation.


My code result like


            { "Data 1 32" } // 32 should be in the next list
            { "Data 3, 20.0e-3" }
            { "Data 2, 1.0e-3" }
            { "Data 6" }


            { ":01805043*0FFFFFFF" }
            { "" }
            { "172:?:CRC" }
            { "" }

Please help me to rewrite my Pattern.

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I would run the match against the failing cases and break it down part by part. (E.g. determine what "is not working" means.) – user166390 Jan 2 '11 at 7:35
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I think a simpler regex would work: (?<key>data \d(?:, [\d.e-]+)?)(?<value>.*) will match your keys and values, providing you use the RegexOptions.IgnoreCase flag too.

You can see the results at this Rubular example link.

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Your code works for me, so please define what's not working.


  • start your regexp with ^ and end it with $
  • use regex.Match() instead of Matches() because you know it'll only match once
  • i don't see why you use IgnorePatternWhitespace
  • use a simple comma instead of [,], a simple space instead of [ ]
  • use \s instead of [ \t\r\n]
  • if you specify IgnoreCase, then no need for Data|data|DATA or [A-Za-z]

And if you clean this up, maybe you can solve it alone :)

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Took me a bit to find "the problem". In the result, ":01805043*0FFFFFFF" should be lead with 32 (e.g.) "32:01805043*0FFFFFFF" – user166390 Jan 2 '11 at 7:55
Agree with everything in the post above. Also, to simplify your tests, it should be wise tu use a tool like Rad regular expression designer or something. – AFract Jan 2 '11 at 8:04

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