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I am new to Erlang. If I do this

H = fun(X) -> X*X.

Then it is fine. But if I move that function to a module, it says "Illegal Expression". For example this

H = misc_functions:square.

Please help.

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There is no fundamental difference in using fun misc_function:square/1 or fun (X) -> misc_function:square(X) end. The first is syntactic sugar for the second and is converted to it very early in the compiler. –  rvirding Jan 3 '11 at 13:05

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Erlang function references require the keyword fun and the arity. Suppose that square takes a single parameter, the correct assignment is:

H = fun misc_function:square/1
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You can also do something like that:

1> F = fun(X) -> misc_function:square(X) end.
2> F(4).

Defining a function that calls inside your desired function.

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