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I heard about Neural Network but there are so many resources and i want to know concrete use of it and if possible some small code source with comment. ^^

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you might find the following questions to be of use:

What are some good resources for learning about Neural Networks?

Open-source .NET neural network library?

Looking for a Good Reference on Neural Networks

also you can find two examples of a neural network in this article which also has source code availible:


if these are not helpful then please make your question more specific

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For a rather quick start you could check:

And of course you could search stackoverflow ... ;)

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They are used for example to program AI, speach synthesizers, to recognize fingerprints.

And also for many non programming based topics, like checking on airports baggage if it has something dangerous inside, selection of employees :-)

It is so huge topic, and theres no one concrete use.

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A good (free!) place to start is the FAQ for Usenet comp.ai.neural-nets:


If you want to code your own, I suggest considering Murray Smith's "Neural Networks for Statistical Modeling".

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