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I have a simple test web application.

I've installed the Url Rewrite Module 2.0 with the URL Rewrite Extensibility Samples (allowes us to use custom providers for the rewrite\redirect rules - in my case: external .txt file with the rules).

I added the following lines to my web.config as shown in the tutorials at - :


            <rule name="Test Rewrite">
                <match url="(.*)" />
        <add input="{CustomProvider:{R:1}}" pattern="(.+)" />
                <action type="Rewrite" url="{C:1}" />

            <provider name="CustomProvider" type="FileMapProvider, Microsoft.Web.Iis.Rewrite.Providers, Version=7.1.761.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0545b0627da60a5f">
                    <add key="FilePath" value="C:\TestApp\TestApp\App_Data\rules.txt" />
                    <add key="IgnoreCase" value="1" />
                    <add key="Separator" value="," />

The file path is valid, but when I try to browse the application i get the following exception:

HTTP Error 500.50 - URL Rewrite Module Error. System.ArgumentException: Rewrite file provider exception. The file "C:\TestApp\TestApp\App_Data\rules.txt" does not exist. at FileBaseProvider.Initialize(IDictionary`2 settings, IRewriteContext rewriteContext) at Microsoft.Web.Iis.Rewrite.RewriteProviderManager.RegisterProvider(String providerName, String providerType, String[] settings, IRewriteContextInterop rewriteContext)

Which tells me that the file doesn't exist while its actually really there.

I tried to reset the IIS, re-install the modules- and got the same result everytime.

Need help- Thanks!


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Could it be a permission issue? I.e. that the IIS process user has no permissions to access the file and/or directory? – Uwe Keim Jan 2 '11 at 12:41
The IIS proccess user has the right rellevant permissions on this directory. Thanks for the comment. – Gal V Jan 2 '11 at 13:44

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