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In my C# wpf application i have taken a DataGrid which is bounded by a datatable from database. All values are displayed in this DataGrid. But i want to get the selected cell value.

Here is my code which is bounded by datatable:

dataGrid1.ItemsSource = datatable1.DefaultView; 

Please give me a solution to find the cell value. I have found selected index by following code:

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Assuming that you are editing a DataGridTextColumn cell...

Use e which is in the dataGrid1_CellEditEndingEvent like so:


This will give you the typed text.

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basically you can do this:

        var cellInfos = dataGrid1.SelectedCells;

        foreach (DataGridCellInfo cellInfo in cellInfos)
            if (cellInfo.IsValid)
                // element will be your DataGridCell Content
                var element = cellInfo.Column.GetCellContent(cellInfo.Item); 

                if (element != null)
                    var myCell = element.Parent as DataGridCell;
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