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How do you check the windows version in Win32 at runtime?

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Use the GetVersionEx() or VerifyVersionInfo() functions.

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And when using GetVersion[Ex], remember to check version numbers with the future in mind. For example, to check for XP and higher: major > 5 OR (major==5 and minor >= 1) – Anders Feb 16 '09 at 3:42

GetVersionEx has been deprecated. We will need to use Version Helper functions.

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The version helper functions are just wrappers for VerifyVersionInfo(). Note that GetVersion/Ex() on Windows 8.1+, and VerifyVersionInfo() on Windows 10+, are subject to manifestation and thus lie to apps that are not manifested to declare explicit compatibility with the Windows version being run on. To get the true Windows version without manifestation, you need to use RtlGetVersion(), NetServerGetInfo(), or NetWkstaGetInfo() instead. – Remy Lebeau Mar 25 at 15:05

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