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I have this problem. I develop WPF app with MVVM architecture. As MVVM framework I use Caliburn.Micro and on service injection I use MEF.

In view model class I use Dispatcher Timer which call every 3 seconds service method. This service method send POST request on server and parse HTML response / deserialize JSON string with JSON.NET.

This method return observable dictionary, is type : string, Friend.

Friend class consist only string properties and also one image as BitmapImage type.

Here is service method:

     public MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend> LoadFriends(Account account)

            var friends = new MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend>();
            var sortedFriends = new MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend>();

            const string allData = "&allData=1";

            var htmlStringResult = new StringBuilder();

            htmlStringResult = "GET HTML RESPOSE"

            if (htmlStringResult.Length > 3 && htmlStringResult.ToString() != "false")
                    var jsonString = new StringBuilder();
                    jsonString.Append(htmlStringResult.Replace(@"s_", "m_"));

                    var friendsAsStringArray = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<MyObservableDictionary<string, string[]>>(jsonString.ToString());

                    foreach (var friend in friendsAsStringArray)
                        var item = new KeyValuePair<string, Friend>(friend.Key, new Friend
                            IdUser = friend.Value[0],
                            Nick = friend.Value[1],
                            SefNick = friend.Value[1],
                            Status = int.Parse(friend.Value[2]),
                            Photo = friend.Value[3],
                            Sex = int.Parse(friend.Value[4]),
                            IsFriend = Convert.ToBoolean(int.Parse(friend.Value[5]) * -1)

//sort item in dictionary  A-Z
                    var query = friends.OrderByDescending(f => f.Value.Status).ThenBy(f => f.Value.Nick);

                    foreach (var keyValuePair in query)
                        sortedFriends.Add(keyValuePair.Key, keyValuePair.Value);

                    //CLEAN OLD DATA
                catch (Exception exception)
                    throw exception;
                return sortedFriends;
            return new MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend>();

In view model class I bind observable dictionary on listbox. In this class I call in timer every 3 seconds service mehod LoadFriend.

I returns fresh data in observable dictionary and with this data I refresh dictionary which is bind on listbox.

Here is view model class:

public class MessengerViewModel : Screen, IViewModelIdentity,
    IMessengerViewModel, IHandle<Rp>, IHandle<string>
    private IPokecService _service;

    private MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend> _friends;
    private MyObservableDictionary<string, Friend> _freshFriends;

    private DispatcherTimer _dispatcherTimer;

    public MessengerViewModel(IPokecService service)
        _service = service;
        _dispatcherTimer = new DispatcherTimer();
        _dispatcherTimer.Tick += DispatcherTimer_Tick;
        _dispatcherTimer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3);


    #region Timer

    /// <summary>
    /// Refresh contact list, check for new messages
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="sender"></param>
    /// <param name="eventArgs"></param>
    private void DispatcherTimer_Tick(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)
        //retrieve new data from server
        _freshFriends = _service.LoadFriends(Account);


        //refresh dictionary
        foreach (var freshFriend in _freshFriends)


I make a simple test:

  • run app with timer
  • run app without timer
  • with timer but empty logic for timer_tick method

I check values in task manager and in ANTS Memory profiler, here are value:

Task manager process:

  • App with timer
    • after start : 40,133K
    • after 5 minutes: 70,261K
    • after 10minutes: 74,288K

  • App without timer
    • after start : 37,488K
    • after 5 minutes: 37,412K
    • after 10minutes: 37,760K

  • App with timer but empty logic
    • after start : 37,474K
    • after 5 minutes:37,340K
    • after 10minutes: 37,476k

ANTS Memory profiler - Privates bytes

  • App with timer
    • after start: 73,132MB
    • after 5 minutes: 97,72MB
    • after 10minutes: 100,12MB

  • App without timer
    • after start : 67,24MB
    • after 5 minutes: 66,21MB
    • after 10minutes: 66,21MB

  • App with timer but empty logic
    • after start : 67,3MB
    • after 5 minutes: 66,32MB
    • after 10minutes:66,41MB

I don’t know that this values are normal. Maybe I have memory leak in app.

My first idea was check images in Friend class, but image is store in BitmapImage class. This class doesn’t implements interface IDisposable, so I can’t call method Dispose on old items in dictionary.

Maximum of privates bytes was 124,12 MB I think its quite enough.

I never handling with memory usage in .NET, I don’t know what can be wrong.

Thank for help, if someone explain me this problem I would be very gratefull him/her.

I think call in my timer garbage collector, but I think it’s goog idea.

Size of one image is 5-10kB. And in dictionary is about 20-30 items.

I download image from web, image uri is URL.

 public BitmapImage ProfilePhoto ...{ get; set; }

            private BitmapImage CreateProfilePhoto()
                var img = new BitmapImage();

                img.UriSource = Photo == "0" ? DefaultPhoto.GetDefaultPhoto(Sex) : new Uri(PhotoURL, UriKind.Absolute);


                return img;


            ProfilePhoto = CreateProfilePhoto();
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If you already have a memory profiler, why don't you use it to see what is 'leaked'? Use ANTS to take snapshots and see what objects are created, but not destroyed and draw your conclusions. – Lars Truijens Jan 2 '11 at 16:40
I try it, but I can’t find memory leak.. :( – user481758 Jan 2 '11 at 20:52

This is invaluable: Finding Memory Leaks in WPF-Based Applications.

There are issues with BitmapImage.

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Thank for idea. I download image from web, but I use .NET4.0 this article talked about 3.5. – user481758 Jan 2 '11 at 16:32

The obvious thing I see in the snippets is that you end up keeping 2 dictionaries.

There is one in _friends and one in _freshfriends.

Depending on the size of the dictionnary, that could explain some of the difference. As a first step, is there any reason why _freshFriends is no a method local variable?

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