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I am currently exploring Hibernate annotation and I am finding it better than having a lot of configuration xml files.

One question though, I cannot find the documentation for the each annotation. For example, I would like to check out the list of attributes of an @table annotation other than name.

I checked out the doc files and api from the downloaded hibernate annotation but cant find any complete reference. Can somebody please tell me where can I see or download it?

I really am new to annotation kind of thing as we are working solely on Java 1.4 before. Thanks.

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The javax.persistence classes are part of the JavaEE 5 API. See the javadoc here.

The Hibernate Annotations docs only document the Hibernate proprietary extensions to the base JavaEE API.

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Thanks Sir! –  Mark Estrada Jan 3 '11 at 3:30
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The easiest thing for this is to just attach the source code in your favorite IDE. This is included with the Hibernate archived you might have downloaded.

If you are using Hibernate as part of a Java EE application server (via JPA), check their website first. They may offer a complete source attachment for your AS or at least give you information about the exact versions being used.

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