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I'm trying to implement a CountDownTimer in the .java of an Android app's activity. This CountDownTimer needs to be able to count down from several different pre-set timings that is specified by the user's selection, that which I have solved by using sharedPreferences().

In order to connect the sharedPreferences and the CountDownTimer's timing, below are two method's I've tried that do not work:

1) getInt from the sharedPreferences and then defining an string array and substituting long milliseconds (for the CountDownTimer) with a long value from the array by using array[int] and thereafter valueof() to that obtained string.

2) By using {if(sharedPreferences == 123) {int timing = 5000;}}, but this fails due to the braces that contain the value of int timing such that CountDownTimer cannot read it as it lies outside of that pair of braces that contain the if. Worth mentioning is that it is not possible to move the CountDownTimer into the braces.

Quite simply, I'm looking for a solution to an editable CountDownTimer. While I'm not asking for a whole tutorial right here on Stackoverflow, it would be nice if you could point me in the right direction.

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I don't really understand why your approaches don't work because I'm having a problem picturing your code. In general, if you declare int timing = 0; inside an if-clause it will only be available within this if-clause. So, to make it available on the outside you also need to declare it there.

I'd start with something like this:

int timing = 0;
switch (sharedPreferences) {
    case 123:
        timing = 5000;
    case 124:
        timing = 10000;
    case 125:
        timing = 15000;
        timing = 20000;
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