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I found a phishing email in my inbox that has my email address in the From: field, and an unknown email address in the To: field. It was made like I had sent the email to the unknown email address.

I'd like to ask if it is possible to change the To: field in the email header? (I know it's possible to change the From: field in email)

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Your email address was probably in the Bcc field.

If you don't see your email address in the To: or Cc: fields of the header, the sender has probably mailed you a 'blind carbon copy,' or Bcc:. The Bcc: field isn't displayed in the header of received messages. This means that you won't see your email address at the top of any message you receive as a blind carbon copy.

Quoted from Receiving someone else's mail

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Actually, there's no need for the spammer to put the address in any header at all. The SMTP envelope (RCPT TO:) controls who the message is sent to, but it's used only during transport and is discarded once the message is delivered to the recipient. The To, Cc, and Bcc headers usually contain the same addressees, but there's no requirement that they do so. It's the difference between RFC 5321 [transport] and RFC 5322 [payload] (the current versions of RFC 821 and 822). –  dkarp Jan 3 '11 at 1:15
@dkarp, you should make your comment an answer, because it's the correct answer to the question. –  james.garriss Nov 2 '12 at 15:28

No, it isn’t possible to use the To: header field to send an email to an address that isn’t in the To: header field, if the email is sent via SMTP.

Spammers very often use the Bcc: (blind carbon copy) header field to send email to an address that doesn’t appear in the To: header field or the Cc: header field. That is probably what has happened in this case. Your email address is probably in the Bcc: header field. The contents of the Bcc: header field is not shown by your email client.

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