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Similar to Facebook's UI, I am attempting at generating a preview image from an external linked website. So that when a user types in a url he is linking, the UI will by default, scan that site for an img and scrape a preview thumb.

Is there a specific name for this technique? Or can anyone point me in the direction of learning this?

Thanks so much!

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Its called scraping. There is a library called scrAPI.

Here is a code example

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There are a couple different options when it comes to page scraping. Another one to check out would be nokogiri, You can find tutorials on how to use it at

Instead of grabbing an image from the site, why not grab the image of the entire page? You could make use of a free screenshot service like or among others. In one application, I use that for my preview image, and use nokogiri to scrape the page title and description. Just an idea.

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