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I hav Got HTTP Request Like

GET /1213123_mul_32424324.html HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: .....

I need to send the multiplication of Integers 1213123 and 32424324... So I have created a Python ccript for this. I used the req.find() method to fetch integer. but there should be a better way, like using regex.

Whats the best way to fetch integers from this request?

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You have a web service for multiplying numbers? What for? –  Tomalak Jan 2 '11 at 17:12

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This is a case where a regex is applicable:

>>> re.search(r'^GET /(\d+)_mul_(\d+)\.html', 'GET /1213123_mul_32424324.html HTTP/1.1').groups()
('1213123', '32424324')

Cast the values using int(), multiply them and do what you want with the result.

To compare, this is how you could do it with .split(). I don't advise using this method, unless you can be sure the request will have a . after the second number.

>>> n = 'GET /1213123_mul_32424324.html HTTP/1.1'.split()[1][1:].split('_mul_')
>>> n[1] = n[1][:n[1].index('.')]
>>> n
['1213123', '32424324']
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