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Lately, the unregistered (available) domain heiiehdsx.com has been showing up in my HTTP referrer logs. It comes from a variety of IP addresses (none very similar). When I Google the domain, the only results are reports of it appearing in other server logs as well.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?

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Looks like a spoofed header.

Most HTTP headers can be very easily spoofed.

FireFox even has an add-in for modifying headers.

Chances these are from a bot/spammer that is looking for vulnerable targets.

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This is referer spam. Bad guys trying to provoke you to visit their websites.

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Not just bad guys.. there are some nice plugins for browsers that fetch a list of 'referrers' to send with your requests. That is a lot more fun (for people who just hate trackers and love to mess with them), especially if those links contain viruses.. that should teach them tracking kiddies not to visit (and hopefully subsequently quit) tracking their visitors. –  GitaarLAB Feb 6 at 19:41

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