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How do I factor code setting many different fields in a Java object? I would like to factor

(set! (. employee name) "Chris")
(set! (. employee age) 100)
(set! (. employee salary) 5000)


(doseq [field '((name "Chris") (age 100) (salary 5000))]
  (set! (. employee (first field)) (second field)))

However this won't work because the period is a macro, and tries to evaluate (first field) literally. By the way, I understand that setting fields is not good practice. I need to inter-operate with legacy code.

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Try to use setters - but if you have no choice and really need to factor this out, a macro like this would do:

(defmacro set-all [object & fields-and-values]
  (let [obj-sym (gensym)] 
    `(let [~obj-sym ~object]
        ~@(for [[field value] (partition 2 fields-and-values)]
           `(set! (. ~obj-sym ~field)

The gensym is needed in case the expression yielding object has any side effects.

Example usage:

user> (def p (java.awt.Point.))
user> (set-all p x 4 y 5)
user> p
#<Point java.awt.Point[x=4,y=5]>
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You might try:

(defmacro set-all! [obj m]
    `(do ~@(map (fn [e] `(set! (. ~obj ~(key e)) ~(val e))) m) ~obj))


(def a (java.awt.Point.))
(set-all! a {x 300 y 100})


(do (set! (. a x) 9)
    (set! (. a y) 7)
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No such methods exist. – chris Jan 2 '11 at 19:29
Ah, you're setting fields. My fault for not paying attention. I updated my answer. – Psyllo Jan 5 '11 at 20:09

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