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I am working an application in C#/WPF and wanted to get the list of all attached display monitors. I used the Screen class and successfully got the list but now the list is having each monitor name as ".\Display1\XXXXXXXX" etc . which is not readable. However, My Nividia control panel list them as proper names. So can any one tell me how to get those names or some api reference.

Note := I already tried EnumDisplayDevices which is returning the names but they are different what it should be ? so its confusing the matters more ?

I tried WMI and it allowed me to access more information, however, the names are still "Default Monitor 1" "Default Monitor 2" while there is no information about manufacturer and now i am thinking does it available to us at all by using normal api's

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Query for Win32_DesktopMonitor in WMI. Msdn

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Check out WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). It's not an easy library but it can tell you a ton of stuff about your system.

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