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I want to create a report which displays the stats for data in a sql server table.The table columns I am interested in are searchTerm, dateadded. Now I want to get the count of records for each searchterm but also display the earliest and latest dateadded for that searchterm. for example:

select searchterm, count(*) as recCount from SearchTable order by searchterm.

will just give me the counts so I just need the dates and distinct records only.

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Can you post the table definition? –  Mark Byers Jan 2 '11 at 21:29
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Try this:

    MIN(dateadded) AS minDateAdded, 
    MAX(dateadded) AS maxDateAdded, 
    count(*) as recCount
FROM SearchTable 
GROUP BY searchterm

They GROUP BY will ensure that each row is distinct.

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You can use MIN and MAX functions, plus the GROUP BY clause

SELECT searchterm, MIN(dateadded) AS earliest, MAX(dateadded) AS latest, COUNT(*) as recCount
FROM SearchTable
GROUP BY searchterm
ORDER BY searchterm
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