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For some reason in the last month or so it's taking FOREVER to connect to my Windows Phone 7 emulator. This used to take around 15-30 seconds but now it takes around 3 minutes. When I press F5 in VS 2010 it just seems to stop on the message "Connecting to Windows Phone 7 Emulator...". But i can see the emulator started and ready in about 10 seconds. I'm on the same machine, same solution, same everything.

Is just me or has this started happening to everyone?

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Try using WPConnect.exe instead and see if there are any changes:


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That seem to help, thanks very much. –  will Jan 9 '11 at 21:15

Not happening here.

Could your project be growing in size? Try a blank project.

What people have had a problem with is USB ports failing. Try also moving to a USB port on the back of your PC, and one that you know performs ok.

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