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I'm trying to extract the substring trackingCode to the point of the delimiter ~~. So for example:

I wish to return:

i am using:

SUBSTRING(trackingCode,1,FINDSTRING(trackingCode,"~~",1) - 1)

But it is not working and I'm getting an error:

Error: 0xC0049067 at aw import from file, Derived Column [1562]: An error occurred while evaluating the function.

any ideas? if I replace the FINDSTRING with a numeric then it works.

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Your data is probably not conforming to your expectations.

Trust but verify.

I would avoid a derived column transform for anything but trivial transforms on data which you know (through direct testing) will always conform to expectations. The formulas are difficult to read in the single-line format in derive column xforms and you get very little control and ability to try different parsing options and few failure/recovery modes.

I would recommend a script task for this one. You can route rows which don't comply to a different path and use a data viewer to see what's going on with them.

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Are you sure every line has a trailing number? If not, something like this could help:

SUBSTRING(trackingCode+"~~",1,FINDSTRING(trackingCode,"~~",1) - 1)
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the problem seems the "-1" part of it. I can't find the start of the delimiter and move back one space. – thiswayup Jan 19 '09 at 16:40
maybe some of the data starts with~~ – HLGEM Jan 19 '09 at 16:46
the delimiter is definitely towards the end of the string – thiswayup Jan 19 '09 at 17:10
I would definitely include an if statement that would check for the presence of your delimiter. – Rashack Nov 12 '09 at 8:33

This should work:

SUBSTRING([trackingCode],1,(FINDSTRING([trackingCode],"\~~",1) - 1))

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