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Has anybody got a working example of using the curses.textpad.Textbox widget to edit existing text? This is, of course, in a Linux terminal (e.g. xterm).

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Found this there is several minutes

import curses
import curses.textpad

stdscr = curses.initscr()
# don't echo key strokes on the screen
# read keystrokes instantly, without waiting for enter to ne pressed
# enable keypad mode
win = curses.newwin(5, 60, 5, 10)
tb = curses.textpad.Textbox(win)
text = tb.edit()

I also made a function to make a textbox:

def maketextbox(h,w,y,x,value="",deco=None,underlineChr=curses.ACS_HLINE,textColorpair=0,decoColorpair=0):
    nw = curses.newwin(h,w,y,x)
    txtbox = curses.textpad.Textbox(nw)
    if deco=="frame":
    elif deco=="underline":

    return txtbox

To use it just do:

foo = maketextbox(1,40, 10,20,"foo",deco="underline",textColorpair=curses.color_pair(0),decoColorpair=curses.color_pair(1))
text = foo.edit()
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Thanks for the effort. I did try the Textbox already. But its editing is just too basic. You can't even insert text. I was hoping to find something more like nano, but embeddable in an app. –  Keith Mar 22 '11 at 6:21
I had to change the last two lines to: stdscr.addstr(1,1,text) stdscr.refresh() to get it working. After entering text in the textpad I had to press Ctrl-G to submit it. –  Graham King Jan 19 '12 at 17:50

textpad.Textbox(win, insert_mode=True) provides basic insert support. Backspace needs to be added though.

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I found that the Edit widget in the urwid package is sufficient for my needs. This is not the Textpad widget, but something different. The urwid package is overall nicer, anyway. However, it's still not pain-free. The Edit widget does allow inserting text, but not overwriting (toggled with Ins key), but that's not a big deal.

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