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Is there any published benchmarks or do you have any indication about how many MKPolylines you can add to a map with reasonable performance on iPhone and iPad?

I would like to add thousands of them.

What would be my top limit?

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Why don't you try it out and tell us? – Ole Begemann Jan 3 '11 at 2:16
Finally we managed to reduce the number to 200 MKPolylines with a total number of 1800 vertices. It works pretty well in iPhone 4. – tato Feb 9 '11 at 18:44

I dont know about MKPolylines but i have tried rendering 1200 MKPolygons and i successfully rendered it without crashing. But it showed be some slower performance. I dont think there is a limit for it. What i would suggest is everything is worth a try.

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My app (Circle 8) has about 70 MKPolylines that all had their own separate MKOverlayView in the map. Performance/panning was horribly slow and the memory warnings came in fast and furious. I ended up wrapping all these into a single view (subclass of MKOverlayPathView) that draws each MKPolyline using simple CGPath calls. Performance/panning/memory problems SOLVED. To be fair, this was not an original thought on my part but rather came largely from the related Apple Developer Forum thread here:

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