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I'm working on an application that requires a text field to fade in with the value being loaded by AJAX. (I'm doing this all with jQuery), here's the code:

$("div#p"+eId+"_content").html("<input class='editPost' type='text' value='"
                               + oldCont
                               + "' id='p"
                               + eId 
                               + "_editBox' />");

Unfortunatly, oldCont can contain single quotes, which means the textbox will only contain oldPost up until that single quote. How could I display oldCont without having that problem, but still retaining that single quote (without the \ from escaping it)?

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  .append( $("<input type='text' id='p"+eId+"_editBox' />")

...I think those parens line up ..... :-)

basically, use the val function on a jquery object and it'll take care of the escaping for you. Similarly you can use the addClass, attr, etc. functions for other pieces of your html objects

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That did it except I needed to remove one of the parenthesis at then end. –  Steve Gattuso Jan 19 '09 at 16:28

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