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I have a javascript that edits a hidden field in my jsf page:

<h:inputHidden id="data"  value="" />

and when I click on "Submit" I would like to get the new value of this HTML field that was modified by the javascript. I've looked into


But that seems only to work if it is passed in as an <f:param/>. Is there a way i can get the value through a bean call?

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It's the name of the generated HTML input field which get sent as request parameter the usual HTTP/HTML way. Remember: JSF runs at webserver, produces HTML/CSS/JS, webserver sends it by HTTP to webbrowser, webbrowser retrieves HTML/CSS/JS and displays/applies/executes it. Rightclick page in browser, choose View Source, locate the generated HTML input element and you'll see something similar this:

<input type="hidden" id="formid:data" name="formid:data" />

where formid is the ID of the parent <form> as generated by JSF <h:form>. As per the HTML spec, input values get sent as name=value pairs in request parameters.

So, for the above case, you should be using

data = requestParameterMap.get("formid:data");

However, you can also just bind it to a bean property.

<h:inputHidden value="#{bean.data}" />

This way it'll just be available as data property in the bean's action method without the need to hassle with request parameters the low-level way.

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Hmm that's weird, I put in the formId:data the first time and it didn't work. but now it does!! Thank you very much BalucC your posts and blog have really helped me significantly in jsf development :) – user560785 Jan 3 '11 at 4:12
binding is a better option it's valid for any bean scope! – Dejell Jan 3 '11 at 10:01

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