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Is it OK to use a second objectID in a document to use to test concurrency on an update?

Project: Microsoft MVC2 / C# / Mongo 1.6 / 10Gen C# driver (v0.9.0)

I'm trying to wrap my head around concurrency issues (and NOSQL repository). This is my first project outside of a relational database and I don't know what the practice is around concurrency with Mongo.

Past projects (SQL Server) wrapped concurrency check around a timestamp column/


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So the MongoDB docs have a whole page on concurrency.

The big key here is really "what type of concurrency do you want?" Concurrency has a ton of edge cases that you really need to consider.

The concept of using _id + timestamp can definitely work in MongoDB (or any form of unique "this was updated" key). EDIT: Please check out this doc on "findAndModify" which is probably what you want.

MongoDB has a whole host of cool concurrency features centered around how it does updates. In particular, please see this section on Update Modifiers. These special operations are "atomic on a single document" and they tend to handle a lot of common cases.

Want to increment a variable? Use $inc, it will even create the field if it doesn't exist. Have an array of stuff and want to add something only if it doesn't exist? Use the $addToSet command. Mongo has a whole host of such array operations.

These are not quite at the level of _id+timestamp, but they do handle several common cases for concurrency control.

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Thank you for the pointers –  MikeSullivan Jan 5 '11 at 2:37

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