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Drupal seems to do two main things:

  1. Create SQL queries to pull data you want.

  2. Site design, incuding prettyprinting SQL query results.

The problems:

  1. It can't use existing SQL tables; it must import tables into its own format.

  2. Manipulating "Create View" to get the query you want can be frustrating, especially if you already know the query! I realize you can type in a query directly, but you're really not "supposed" to do that.

I can create complexish SQL queries myself, so I really just need a prettyprinter/site designer.

What product can prettyprint queries on existing tables? Example queries (scroll to bottom of each page to see query):

Of course, I'd like hardcoded strings (like 'barrycarter') "templated". In other words "" would run the query w/ "xxx" instead of "barrycarter".

Thoughts? Any way to coerce Drupal into doing what I want?

See also: Converting constantly updated SQLite3 db into Drupal site

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Look at the table wizard module. It lets you use existing / non-Drupal tables with views, including support for relationships between tables.

P.S: I 100% disagree with your assertions re: what drupal is.

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Thanks. I'm aware of the 'data' module (which replaces table wizard), but Drupal folks say that it integrates poorly with Drupal, although this may be OK in my case. OK, from a techie viewpoint, what is Drupal? I could have it wrong. – barrycarter Jan 3 '11 at 16:27
It's a content management system. SQL is just the persistence layer, not the point of the app. – Tyler Eaves Jan 3 '11 at 17:27

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