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I'm writing a small GUI application that will be released under the Apache License 2.0. I'd like to pretty it up using some free icons. Of course, just pirating content is wrong. I'd like the copyright license of any images to complement that of the application - that is, permissive use of the content with appropriate attribution (including derivative, closed source and commercial use).

The Creative Commons Attribution license seems to be the most appropriate fit (as opposed to the terms of other Creative Commons licenses). Public domain images are good too, of course, but many sites hosting them tend to be sloppy about noting their origin (raising the possibility of a lack of due diligence).

I've had some success using Google and Search by Creative Commons, but this is still a rather haphazard approach.

  • Are there any websites dedicated to hosting icon sets suitable for Apache licenses?

    Trawling through various sites and checking the small print is somewhat tedious.

  • Have you come across any blogs that link to such works?

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The FamFamFam Silk icon set is something of a web standard these days and falls under the Creative Commons Attribution license as requested. Roughly 1,300 icons, so it's pretty extensive.

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The Tango Icon project seems to have a pretty good selection of icons.

It's licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

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The CC Attribution Share-Alike license adds additional obligations to derivative works - I want a similar license for software and content. These icons would be a good fit for GPL or LGPL software. Thanks in any case. – McDowell Sep 12 '08 at 8:38

Smashing magazine has free icon sets as well as other resources you could use. I think there are a couple there that might suit your needs.

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The Smashing Magazine icons cannot be redistributed (the license mentions private and commercial projects, blogs and web-sites, but makes no mention of open source). I would be very careful about using these in any project. – McDowell Sep 12 '08 at 8:39

Alternatively, you could get a copy of IconWorkshop and build your own. It's a pretty good icon building utility.

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In addition, these guys release sample icons under the Creative Commons Attribution License. – McDowell Sep 12 '08 at 8:41

There is a large collection available at It is LGPL licensed.

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The LGPL license adds additional obligations to derivative works - I want a similar license for software and content. These are pretty nice - I'd use them in a GPL/LGPL project, so thanks in any case. – McDowell Sep 12 '08 at 8:40

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