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I have customized a carousel View(photo gallery) and when i scroll I want the images to rotate towards the back of the screen. To give the impression that the images are moving in a circular way.

CGAffineTransformRotate just rotates the image on the x axis. I want to rotate it in such a way that finally the image is perpendicular to the screen.

Any thoughts people?

Edit: ** I dont think my question was clear. What i want is a image on the screen to rotate and be perpendicular to the screen. It should be visible only as a straight line.(or wen it is at 45' as a slant image)?**

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You can use CATransform3DRotate. You can see a basic example here: CATransform3DRotate and UIImageView

Hope this helps, Moszi

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I tried this but anything i do, it just Cuts the image. Maybe i have not understood the property correctly. So used CGAffineTransform but with this i get two problems. 1. Unable to retrieve the original image 2. When i use animation, the whole transition becomes very jerky – B K Jan 5 '11 at 10:33

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