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i have installed wamp on my system. My localhost site works properly. but when i have something in url like localhost/test.php?a=1 i.e something passed in url . i get error like error 101 net err_connection_reset . any one has same error or solution ?

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If you are trying to interface to MySQL it may be an issue with the driver...


Check your logs to see what exactly is causing the error...

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Are you sure that it is WAMP's error? I googled your error and found this: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=476f762a0f84017f&hl=en

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@pradeep even I had the same problem. You should close the connection at the end of your page code using the connection resource. worked for me ... mysql_close($conn); where $conn is your mysql database connection resource variable which you have used to connect to mysql database.

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Faced the same problem with WampServer 2.1 ; and basically resolved it by installing latest version of WampServer (WampServer 2.2D).

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