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Im too busy creating a website... but was wondering what part as a web developer i wud have to do? to make it easier for another developer to create a smart phone app for me. I dnt want to get my hands dirty with smart phone app development. Are there people out there who can code an app for me at a fair price? when logged in the site uses alot of jquery... so on old phones dnt work. please let me know as im naive at this. thanx

ps: the website is done in php/mysql on centos.

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It is actually really easy.

It enables you to use your web development skills on smartphone development.
And best of all, if you have a mobile version of your page, then you can use the same template in your apps.
But the best part is: Cross-platform.
Ir runs on any major smartphone platform from iOs to WebOs.

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Perhaps you should read Or have your Android developer to read this (when you find one) ;)

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