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For example in my datalist if Eval("OptionJ").Tostring = Null I would like the function GetVisible to set visibility of the radio button to false like so:

      <input name="Q<%#Eval("ID")%>" type="radio" value="J" visible="<%# GetVisible(Eval("OptionJ").ToString()) %>">  
        </option><br />

I then have a codebehind function like so:

Protected Function GetVisible(ByVal Evalresult As String) As String
    If Evalresult = Nothing Then
        Return "False"
        Return "True"
    End If
End Function

I have also tried checking EvalResult = String.empty

In the outputted html the visible status is being set to false...

<input name="Q3" type="radio" value="J" visible="False">

But it is still displayed on the page!

Please can you let me know how to get this working? Thanks in advance for your time reading and any answers posted.

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are you using gridview –  binil Jan 3 '11 at 9:16
I am using datalist –  Phil Jan 3 '11 at 10:10

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Try this one:

<input name="Q3" type="radio" value="J" visible="false" runat="server">

Visible property works only for ASP.NET Server control but here you are using Html Input Control.

So one approach is that add runat="server" attribute in this control to if you want to continue with visible property and second one is that add style="visibility:hidden" attribute for HTML input control as given below:

<input name="Q3" type="radio" value="J" style="visibility:hidden">
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