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I want to check if a collection contains not three elements. In java I would do

!(collection.contains("s1") && collection.contains("s2") && collection.contains("s3"))

How can I do this with drools? I searched for two hours and tried anything but can't find a solution for this "simple" problem. I found the "Compound Value Restriction" which is what I exactly need, but it does not work for collections and the "contains" operator.

I would appreciate your answers.


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This does what the Java code does:

Collection( this not contains "s1" ||
            this not contains "s2" ||
            this not contains "s3")
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Thanks a lot I was missing the forest through the trees! – Nathanael Jan 5 '11 at 8:18

I think, You can take rule dialect "java".
Following sample can help you.

global java.util.ArrayList responseList

rule "checkCollectionRule"
    dialect "java"
    salience -1


        eval(ifContains(responseList, val1, val2.....))


        responseList.add(new Boolean("true"));


function Boolean ifContains(List responseList, String val1, String val2,....) {
    return (responseList.contains("s1") && responseList.contains("s2") && responseList.contains("s3"));


Hope this help. Thanks.

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