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I want use three images to make a background:alt text alt text alt text

As well I want use CSS3 background-clip or background-origin property,to use multiple images here is my css code:


        background-clip: content,border,border;
        -moz-background-clip: content,border,border;
        -moz-background-origin: content,border,border;
        -webkit-background-clip: content,border,border;

        border-width:0 15px;


however,it doesn't work,on firefox 3.6.6:alt text

in the firebug:alt text

In my css ,I set the -moz-background-clip: content,border,border; but it show -moz-background-clip:border, border, border;Why?

How can I make the background like I wanted?What's wrong with my CSS code?

Thank you

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From the code and the screenshot, it looks like you've got a 15px border on both sides, which is covering up where the background should be. So it's sort of hard to see the results you're getting. A URL would help. (And note also stackoverflow.com/questions/4578425/… , which is also important.) –  David Baron Jan 3 '11 at 14:41

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You need to be using content-box, border-box, and padding-box.


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You might want border-color: transparent (and see also my comment above).

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The black area is the border-style:solid effect,then I cancel it ,it still doesn't work –  hh54188 Jan 3 '11 at 15:17

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