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 FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("./abc.txt");

I want to replace the quoted value by a string

I also want to fill the string with different filenames in a switch statement so that I can open different files and perform repeated operations on the files data.

how do I go about this?

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FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(filename);

Note that there is no String.valueOf(String). If there was, it would be pointless as it would likely just return the String you passed it.

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Note that Java doesn't support Strings as case parameters (or at least you'll have to wait for Java 7 to do so), so you'll need a set of if/else comparisons to do different things for different filenames.

if ("a.txt".equals(filename)) {
  // do something
if ("b.txt".equals(filename)) {
  // do something


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