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I'm using TortoiseSVN to connect to my Subversion repository hosted with CVSDude. It's unreasonably slow--especially on small transfers...

TortoiseSVN screenshot

5 kBytes transferred in 5 minute(s) and 9 second(s)?!

It's not just slow to respond, though. It bogs the computer down for 5 minutes while processing those 5 kilobytes.

Could there possibly be anything wrong with my installation or settings?

Or, is the blame purely with my Subversion host, CVSDude?

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Does a reboot change the performance ? I've experienced this earlier... – krosenvold Jan 19 '09 at 17:26
This happens to me also after i a upgrade to 1.7, is not a tortoise SVN issue, happens with private SVN server that was running faster with 1.6 clients. – Arnold Roa Dec 28 '11 at 13:45
I upgraded in other computer to see if this was a problem with my pc but same slowness even with two differents svn servers, it takes to much time for everything! (1.7) – Arnold Roa Dec 28 '11 at 13:46

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You might want to ask CVSDude support.

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Tips how to optimize TortoiseSVN (source - TortoiseSVN FAQ - Optimize performance):

  1. Tell TortoiseSVN where your working copies are:

    TortoiseSVN -> Settings -> Icon Overlays and for example:

    Exlude paths: "C:\*"

    Include paths: "C:\projects\*"

  2. Show overlays only in explorer

    TortoiseSVN -> Settings -> Icon Overlays enable "Show overlays only in explorer"

If this tips doesn't help this issue please see also "TortoiseSVN seems very slow on big directories".

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Nice tips, thanks. – JW. Aug 31 '11 at 2:40
That link is broken now. The FAQ is at but I don't know if the section you were referring to is still there. Thanks for posting the information here! – MatrixFrog Oct 6 '11 at 21:06

Try comparing TortoiseSVN's performance to svn update command on the command-line and you'll probably not see any major differences... Perhaps the remote server is just slow or has bandwidth limits. Also bear in mind that http/https is stateless and thus a bit chattier than the arbitrary svn:// protocol.

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I agree, if you haven't benchmarked against the command line client, you can't conclude that TortoiseSVN is causing the problem. I use Tortoise SVN with my repository on Dreamhost, and it's consistently fast. – Kibbee Jan 19 '09 at 17:26
I have TortoiseSVN and command-line svn at work, and I notice Tortoise is consistently slower than the command-line variant. I have no idea why, I never looked into it. – Tom Jan 19 '09 at 18:08

Just as a point of information... I was having the same problem... extremely slow TortoiseSVN performance, and also it would ask me my password every time, even though I checked "Remember my Authentication". Not sure if this is connected, but this started happening right after I changed my network password. I tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling tortoise, downgrading it... nothing helped.

I finally found the solution: delete the folder %AppData%\Subversion (which is called the "roaming profile")

Possibly something was corrupted there. Once I did that, tortoise recreated the folder and everything was fixed.

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This solved it for me, thank you! – Jeff Olson Jul 16 '14 at 16:20
This improved my performance and the password problem as well. Thank you very much! – Franziskus Karsunke Oct 24 '14 at 13:55

Looks like a slow svn Server... A "svn update" with tortoisesvn takes a few seconds only here (using svn:// over OpenVPN over a 12mbit/s line).

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I just started using subversion myself and signed up for a free test account at CSDude and I was having the same problems using TortoiseSVN and CVSDude. I don't quite have my speeds -that- bad but the max transfer rate I've ever seen was around 4kb/sec

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It may be unrelated but using svn icons makes your pc slow..

so i set icon overlays to None..

it makes your pc faster...

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I noticed TortoiseSVN really slow when I first installed and used it. The problem I had was not with Tortoise, rather that my virus checker was checking every file I committed. With the virus checker temporarily off, it sped up tremendously.

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As a TortoiseSVN user i can tell you thats NOT normal, the problem is with your network probaly.

Can you post a ping and tracert to your svn server and to google?

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i also faced the problem, i think its depending on how many files you have. If you have one big file , the speed will slowly increase till 60kb/s , if you have 100 small files, the speed will keep restarting at 1kb/s at the start of every file, thats what i realise for my case.

Thanks :)

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I've had the problem before with TortoiseSVN. was my connection. When the connection is strong, TortoiseSVN can perform very well, including on very large projects.

So your host or connection are the likely culprits.

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What version (client and server) are you running? In 1.4.x, there was a new binary delta format introduced for client/server communications that can reduce the bandwidth consumption by about half. Also, 1.5 offers many new features that can reduce bandwidth consumption during merges under certain circumstances (by not repeating parts of a merge). Unfortuantely, merges in 1.5 are slowed down a lot by the extra processing, so unless it's a bandwidth bottleneck, that probably won't gain you much.

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In the configuration somewhere, there's an option to turn off updating the Windows icons automatically. Try that.

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I experienced slow commit times when I included a 1 MB XXX.mdf file in my solution. I don't know whether it was the size, the type, or locks on the file by the ASP.Net development server. But since I removed it, it's been fast again.

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