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I have draggable elements which can be dropped in droppable areas. If an element is dropped, the drop function is called:

    scope: "items",
    drop: function (event, ui) {
        // this one is called if an element is dropped in this droppable area

My draggable element:

<div class="drag" data-noteid="10">Drag me</div>
    revert: "invalid",
    scope: "items"

What I need to know if the element is dropped is the value of data-noteid and the relative position of the droppable area. So, if the element is dropped on the upper left corner, the x/y coordinates must be 0/0.

I created a full working example here: http://jsbin.com/utivo5/2/

So normally I can access the attributes like this:



but all I get in this case is undefined.

Do anyone know how I can access them? I think it must be possible with event or ui which is a parameter of the called drop function?!

Thank you in advance & Best Regards, Tim.

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In this case you want the ui argument to get the draggable, rather than this which refers to the droppable area, specifically ui.draggable here. It should look like this overall:

drop: function (event, ui) {
  var pos = ui.draggable.offset(), dPos = $(this).offset();
  alert("nodeid: " + ui.draggable.data("noteid") + 
        ", Top: " + (pos.top - dPos.top) + 
        ", Left: " + (pos.left - dPos.left));

For the position, we need to subtract the droppable's top/left position to get the value you want here, that's the dPos above getting removed.

You can test your demo with the above changes working here.

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I found for my circumstances that the above didn't work. Not sure why - it always gave me an X = -7 and Y = 229.

But this did work (located in drop function handler):

alert('X pos in drop parent container = ' + (ui.position.top - $(this).offset().top));
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Didnt work for me either, but that other answer only works for people with "simple" requirements :) –  Auspex Jun 1 '14 at 22:03

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