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i am having a condition in which i have to pass the query string in the URL, the page which i am calling contains the Site map path control.

But as i pass the query string with the URL, the site map path is not working.

Can anybody tell me that how can i handle query string in site mat path control as i have web.sitemap file containing the nodes


Edited : my url is like http://localhost:1400/RevenueAccounting/Auth/BillingAdministration/RackHireDueDetails.aspx?t=1&LiableRoad=BNSF

having 2 varables in query string, the first variable will remain same always but the value of second variable changes

the actual error is, when i am using just the URL


in web.sitemap then the site map is not showing on page, and the value of second variable changes so how could i use site map path for this condition

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Maybe you can provide a sample query string, and the actual error of what is not working. – leppie Jan 3 '11 at 12:07
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You cannot do it directly in the web.sitemap but you will have to do it in code-behind. Check if this helps: Programmatically Modify Site-Map Nodes

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SiteMap.SiteMapResolve event has issue it some time fire and some time not. – Sami Aug 8 '11 at 7:07

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