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I need to sort a query by 2 columns. Is this possible using propel?

i tried:


but the second call to addAscendingOrderByColumn overrides the first one.

Regards, Radu.

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Unfortunately, if you are using Propel 1.4 (Symfony 1.4), it seems that you will have to switch to raw SQL there...

No answer in the (old) Symfony forum :

However, since Propel 1.5 it should work with the new syntax (Doctrine style). It's not detailed in Propel doc but when I test this, it works (gives ORDER BY ASC, DESC).

$authors = AuthorQuery::create()

Maybe consider upgrading to Propel 1.5.

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I was struggling with this issue and after reading this post I have been almost gave up... but suddendly I found this solution:


In this way the second call to addAscendingOrderByColumn will add the order to the first one.

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This answer should be marked as correct. – Agrest Jun 8 '15 at 7:14

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