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I am looking at deploying a Clojure web app, and I remember using Heroku for rails which was brilliant. Is there anything similar available for Clojure?

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As of July 2011, Heroku now officially supports Clojure:

We're very excited to announce official support for Clojure, going into public beta as of today.

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Currently, the closest there is to Heroku for Clojure is... Heroku:

Courtesy of the new Celadon Cedar stack.

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Google App Engine! GAE supports Java and hence Clojure. I don't have any personal experience of such a project, but this blog seems to have relevent tutorials. Google for it and you'll find some more links like this.

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Also makes development in clojure for gae alot easier. excelent library! – Mikael Sundberg Jan 3 '11 at 14:20
@Mikael Sundberg You should add that as an answer, because I was going to but you were here first ;) – ponzao Jan 3 '11 at 15:30

You might also look at which offers a full Java container deployment (without the restrictions imposed by Google App Engine). CloudBees just bought Stax so Stax will become CloudBees RUN@Cloud service (according to their recent webinar).

You can read how to deploy Clojure on CloudBees here:

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